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Charity Work

Nothing makes me happier than to do what I can to help other people and it feels very natural and positive to me to do this.  For me it's all about spreading Good Vibes and I plan to always continue helping Charities in the future.


I was asked to make a video for Chabs London.  This is an event by Cancel Cancer Africa a  great charrity currently building a cancer treatment centre in rural Africa.

Using my self tape and YouTube experience this is what I came up with, I had some great feedback and it was used on all the charity's media to promote the event.

A photograph of my Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Now

As you heard in the video I baked over 200 cupcakes and held a Bake Sale in a shopping centre for Breast Cancer Now. I also had a raffle on the stall with some great prizes donated by local businesses.

As well as modeling I also got to sing on stage at Chabs London, which made it even more of a fantastic day!

Charity Collection photograph

I did street collecting for the National Autistic Society, the theme for the day was colourful fancy dress, I think I fit the brief here

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